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When doing any electrical work on your property a free visual inspection is always carried out as part of my responsibility to you, my valued customer. Your friendly, local electrician will then carry out more in-depth testing once any quote or work order is given, the most basic of these certificates is the Minor Works Certificate. This involves testing the Earthing and Bonding at your property as well as the wiring that is part of the circuit that I will be working on. For example, if I am addition new lights or adding additional sockets on your Ring Main (or socket circuit), some of the testing will involve the r1 and r2 resistance values of these conductors (r1 is the phase/line - live - conductor whereas r2 is the CPC or Earth as it is more commonly known) and together the resistance of these conductors combined is the R1+R2 value, the “Zs” needs be below a certain value to pass and be deemed safe and acceptable for me to continue with any electrical work… see the values below. A lighting circuit would, and should, normally be served by a Type B, 6 Amp, BS60898 Circuit Breaker and following the guidance within the On-Site Guide you can see that the Zs (calculated or recorded) needs to be below 5.87Ω to meet the IET’s BS 7671 Wiring Regulations.

You can watch this video, on my YouTube channel too, which covers the testing and inspection involved when completing a Minor Works Certificate…

Thank you for reading!! Please contact Richard Speller, your friendly local electrician for any electrical needs you may have, or to just discuss any future projects!


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