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You can check out many of my images from previous jobs on my Google Business Page - you'll also be able to read my most current reviews there... or you can click the link below and this will take you straight there!  

Videos from your Local Electrician!

When should you upgrade your Consumer Unit? There are some considerations to bear in mind when it comes to changing your electrical Consumer Unit... for example, is there RCD protection? Or, if yes, how many circuits are protected by the RCD? If you have six circuits protected by one RCD, then any problem on any of those circuits will trigger the RCD and therefore cut the power to all your circuits and not just the one with the problem! This can be incredibly inconvenient.

If you have an older consumer unit… one that has old rewireable fuses or one with just Circuit Breakers and no RCD protection then unfortunately this will limit certain types of electrical work that can be carried out. Things such as additions to circuits, new sockets or additional lighting, basically any alteration to a circuit, including new circuits, you cannot have these completed unless you have RCD protection, the only exception maybe for fixed equipment i.e. radiators. So, can we get around this? The answer is yes, and no!

I am going to start with a #quote by the famous #philosopher (amongst other things), #johnruskin “It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.” John Ruskin

This is Part II: Installed by your local electrician from Chilcompton, Radstock, is this new, shiny Storage Heater!! What a lot of people don't realise, is that they contain many bricks that are heated up by the element and this in turn heats up the bricks that then release the heat over the course of a day.... the idea many years ago was that they use an off-peak electricity supply (Economy 7) to recharge over night... however the newer models also need a second "off-peak" supply, as you will see in this video!

#Outdoor #sockets will always be a useful #electrical edition to any garden... one thing you should always check is whether there is RCD protection on the circuit that is to be worked on... as powering a lawn mower without the ability for the power to be automatically cut (ADS) could be fatal, for example if you run over your power lead for the lawnmower you want to know the power will be cut via an RCD. Before an outdoor socket is installed electrical testing needs to take place to ensure that you can have this socket installed, the RCD works, and then a Minor Work Certificate should be issued on completion! If you don't have an RCD, we can also installed an RCD Fused Spur which will act in the same way...

Did you know that all Smoke Alarms should be replaced every 10 years? Well, you do now!! Here, in this here video, your Local Electrician Rich Speller AKA Speller's Sparks LTD, is showing you what to look out for and what the wiring looks like within each unit! This video is discussing the Hard Wired variety, so alarms that are linked to one another and usually have their own circuit which is supplied from the Consumer Unit!

When installing outdoor electrics I will always, where practical, use IP68 gel to seal any junction boxes! If water gets into your outdoor electrics you will have problems, for example the RCD will trip or you circuit breaker will be overloaded when the water makes a connection between the live and neutral or live and earth... when this happens your electricity supply may be cut to the rest of the property! So, it's important to do it right!! This video shows how your #localelectrician from #chilcompton in #somerset installs outdoor electrics!!

In this video I am going to discuss the installation of the Ring Doorbell. How things have moved on from 1830s when they were first invented and used in homes (wealthier homes it must be said) and we attached via a piece of string or rope!! Ring Doorbells, both Hardwired and Wireless also require Wi-Fi. They are still wired up in the same way the door bells in the 1910s were, but now the bell, the “ringer” requires Wi-Fi!

As part of your home electrical installation you’ll have a Main Fuse… commonly sat next to your electricity meter. This is the main bit of protection before your Consumer Unit, and it is owned by the DNO (District Network Operator - National Grid) and just like a fuse in your standard UK plug… it is designed to blow under fault conditions and cut the power to your home, and I have been to properties where, thankfully, this has been the sole protector of human life!! In this video you can see what happens when electricity is allowed to flow unchecked… 

There are times when one goes to complete a job... one in which you thought would be quite straightforward! However, it will also mean that some thinking outside of the box will be necessary! This particular job should have been a "Minor Works", however it turned into a Notifiable Job under Part P in which Building Control would have to be notified... and why? Well, because a new Consumer Unit had to be installed! This video just demonstrates how there will always be a way forward, sometimes you just need to think things over and sometimes I find it helps to discuss the potential way forward with my client or a sparky friend!!

In this video your local electrician in Radstock, Chilcompton, is showing you one of the ways in which you can monitor electricity usage in another part of your building, but which is still part of the same electricity supply. For example, if you have tenants in another part of your home (an Annex for example) but is on the same supply as you you can use an electricity monitor to see what your tenants or this part of the building is using in terms of electricity. Otherwise, you just have to guess, and with electricity prices as high as they are it could cause friction, this Electricity Monitor takes away the guess work and you can also share the App with your tenants!!

This video just goes to show the planning and accessories required when installing #outdoor #lights -- you can't just put them up and add some power, you need to ensure that they're weatherproof too!! So, watch the video to hear about some #toptipsforyou

The Consumer Unit (or Fusebox) is the heart of your electrical installation... in a home or otherwise! Over the past 15 years big strides have been made with regards to the technology, and regulations, surrounding them. Nowadays, if you wanted any electrical work completed the first thing any electrician will do is check the Consumer Unit, it can determine whether any electrical work can be carried out... and there are times when an upgrade is necessary! If you're unsure whether you should have an upgrade you can take a look at my blog for more information on Consumer Units and Electrical Safety...

In this video (music by Speller's Sparks Ltd)! I am showing how I would install a new socket, or add an additional socket in your home!! This is a spur, and this socket was installed by "spurring" off the Ring Main... the Ring Main is what is commonly referred to as your socket circuits and should be suppled by a 32A Circuit Breaker of RCBO ideally, it's not a radial.. but a "ring"... called this because the power leaves and returns your Consumer Unit... (I will explain this better in a new video!).

Images of Your Local Electrician!

Speller's Sparks is a registered Waste Carrier!
New Consumer Unit installation
New lights and outdoor lighting installed by Speller's Sparks - your Local Electrician
Checking for voltage and polarity of the electrical installation
Installation of shed electrics
New Consumer Unit upgrade... complete with Arc Fault Protection...
Outdoor power... a new socket for that electric lawnmower!
Interior lighting... these were installed as a nice feature in a dining room
Security lighting -- important for those colder, darker months... especially when the bins need to be put out!
A typical domestic property with a Main Cut Out and Isolation Switch
Bulk Head light that is controlled via a  Dawn to Dusk sensor
Nice atmospheric lighting
Sometimes electrics are best left to those who know what they are doing!
Meet Bella, my lovely dog... she accompanies me on jobs sometimes and keeps me company!
A new Consumer Unit installed in a newly erected garage in Dinder, near Shepton Mallet
New outdoor socket
Your Local Electrician!
Chasing in cable / sometimes cables need to be buried into walls, and this is one way to do that. With an SDS drill!

Speller's Sparks LTD serves all surrounding areas, a radius of 10-15 miles of Chilcompton - watch my welcome video on my Home Page, which will introduce myself (Managing Director of Speller's Sparks) and show you the areas I work in. 

Some of the electrical work and information about the electrical work completed in your local area:

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