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How can you monitor electricity in another part of the same property?

This is the Shelly EM… the latest bit of Smart Technology your Local Electrician has installed in a farm just outside of Shepton Mallet, near Radstock… And, I hear you ask… what does it do? Well, a good question!!

This property has an annex that is supplied by the same electricity supplier (in this case Octopus)… however, Octopus cannot separate this supply and monitor the electricity usage in the annex and main property, that has to be done by the DNO (Distribution Network Operator), they have to come along and rip up your lawn and install a new meter and meter cupboard, put simply. This is the only way to totally separate the electrical supply and know exactly what each property is using in terms of electricity.

So, the Shelly then! This actually allows you to monitor the electricity in the annex or separate part of the building. Ideally, for this to happen the annex will have it’s own Consumer Unit (Fuse Box), the Shelly then neatly tucks itself away in the Consumer Unit and works it’s magic! To really be able to understand how it works, please watch the video below!

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