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The ‘Small Job’ Electrician!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Do you struggle to find someone to do small electrical jobs for you? Well, your search is most definitely over as I am the Small Job Electrician! I do a number of different types of electrical work, mainly domestic, such as Consumer Unit changes/upgrades, outdoor and indoor lighting, additional sockets, even rewires! However, I will always be more than happy to complete smaller jobs that you don’t want to do:

This leaflet shows the contact details of the local electrician Richard Speller, Speller's Sparks LTD (Call Rich on 01761 325 007)
Your Local Electrician from Speller's Sparks (Richard Speller)

  • Changing light fittings… (picture) from standard pendants to more stylish fixtures!

  • Swapping over broken sockets i.e. a crack or broken socket and replacing it with another!

  • Changing a light switch… (or installing a new light switch)

  • Reconnecting broken/damage cabling (including phone and internet)

  • Changing light bulbs and down-lights/spotlights (simply replacing faulty lighting)!

  • Fixing broken electrical accessories and electrical fittings

  • Replacing and changing burnt out sockets

Your local electrician will undertake many different types of electrical jobs, from changing light bulbs to installing new lighting fixtures -- please take a look at the list in this image to see just some of the jobs your local electrician will do for you...
Your Local Electrician will undertake many different types of electrical work, including smaller tasks!

There just isn’t a job I won’t do… your Local Electrician is most definitely, most certainly here to stay and help you, so if you don’t need my services right now, please do bear me in mind for the future OR feel free to pass on my details!

All the best!

Rich Speller (Speller’s Sparks)

01761 751 441

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