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Your FREE 'DIY' Electrical Safety Check!

This guide shows and explains how you can complete your own visual inspection on the state of your electrical installation - i.e. the electrics in your home. It explains what to look out for and how or if anything might be missing. It will also help you to ask appropriate questions to any electrician you employ to work on your home and arm you with a bit more knowledge, and we all know that knowledge is powerful!!

Sometimes it can be helpful to have a bit of knowledge when your local electrician comes to visit... you can also point your electrician in the right direction as something could be missed!
Your very own 'DIY' Electrical Safety Guide!

You can download the full guide on my website - it is divided up into 6 sections:

  1. Fusebox (Consumer Unit)

  2. Earth Bonding (Main Protective Bonding)

  3. Sockets, Light fittings, and light switches (Accessories)

  4. Electrical Appliances (Current Using Equipment)

  5. Outside Electrics/Power

  6. Do you require Professional Assistance?

If you have any questions after reading through your DIY electrical safety check or have any concerns please email or call Rich on 01761 751 441

As you can see - electrical fires in the home are quite common and this guide will help you to identify any potential issues
Common cause for house fires

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