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How to spot Misleading Reviews and Business Profiles! 

Updated: Jun 12

This is mainly dealing with how I have recently noticed some misleading and potentially fake businesses on certain search engines. I won’t be naming any businesses and I won’t be naming any companies involved, but I do want you to be able to help you to try and find and weed these out so that you are able to make an informed choice. Last month I write an article that explained why you won't always find the best trades on Lead Generation sites.... and this article sums up my points very nicely!

So, this video here explains how you can spot and find misleading business reviews, and businesses that I don’t think are acting in your best interests and are skipping the steps that genuine businesses go through to earn your business and trust. 

This article in the Telegraph (behind a paywall) sums up and why I don't want, or need, to be featured on Checkatrade and I want to stand out on my own. This couple lost £14,000 via a company that was listed on Checkatrade and went through the "12 Step Vetting" process... did it protect them? No, it didn't! As I mentioned, I offer all these same guarantees as Chekatrade claims to vet on your behalf, and you can find out all about me via my past customers and reviews, that are 100% genuine, my website and links to my NAPIT and Trustmark affiliations to also provide you with the confidence you require, something else to note is that I must hold at least £2,000,000 in insurances to add another layer of protection. Please, don't get me wrong, you will find good tradesmen and women on these sites, but they're not always what they big themselves up to be... it's all in the small print!

Essentially, the couple will find it difficult to sue or hold Chekatrade accountable as they are acting as an "agency" only... not the guarantees you feel they ought to offer!

You won't always find the best traders on Checkatrader or other Lead Generation sites!
Couple loses out to "cowboy" trader found on Checkatrade

I believe they are preying on how busy people are these days, or on people that aren’t familiar with how a genuine business has to register or the hoops that we have to jump through so that you are protected as a consumer! I have recently written about how I don’t want to be on “Lead Generation” sites such as Chekatrade and the like as offer these same protections, and I work differently to how these sites work, but what I do guarantee are the following: 

  • All calls and enquiries responded to on the day they are made, I WILL answer your call and respond to your requests 

  • Excellent communication throughout, from quote to completion of the electrical work

  • Fully insured, up to £2,000,000 indemnity and liability, which is more that the national average

  • I guarantee all of my work for at least 1 year

  • Warranty on accessories will depend on the manufacturers guarantee, but I use wholesalers whom I trust and they also trust me in return, and therefore will offer extended warranties should any product or accessories fail within a reasonable time frame, and I will work with you to get these faulty products replaced at as minimal cost to you as possible

  • I have, at present at the time of writing, 38 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook from local people, check for yourself here - I have only been trading for 1.5 years! 

  • I have been assessed, tested and am a fully qualified and registered electrician and I have passed more than those hallowed “12 rigorous checks” (as per Checkatrade’s “promise” to you) to be where I am today! 

an image that shows what the post is about i.e. spotting fake or misleading reviews so that customers can be confident in the choices that they make
Spotting misleading business reviews can help you find the right person for the job!

If you would like me to go into further detail on a one-to-one basis or you feel you’ve found something you’re not sure about please feel free to get in touch with my by emailing 

All the best! 


01671 325 007 

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