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So... this was my first solo effort at installing a new Consumer Unit... and I must say, even if I say so myself, that I am very proud! It's a Consumer Unit that is aptly named FuseBox! This is a significant upgrade on the previous Consumer Unit (Fuse Board) as it has so many more safety features. The AFDDs protect the home owner better from Arcing and Sparking i.e. they are better at preventing fire and the SPD (the orange thingy..) protects sensitive equipment such as computers and EVs from surges in power from lightening! Some of you may have lost data on your computer in a thunderstorm, this will help to protect against that!

Each circuit is also protected by what is called an RCBO... this is a combined RCD and Circuit Breaker in one! These protect against electric shock and overload on your cables i.e. stopping them from catching fire!!

So, all-in-all... this is a significant upgrade... the old board had a split load (two RCDs) and Circuit Breakers, so it did have good protection... but compared to the previous board this is basically like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron, it's loaded!!

If you have any questions or would like your own Consumer Unit upgraded then please do get in touch! You can make a booking on my website at or call Rich now on 01761 551 441 (or you can WhatsApp me here on 01761 325 007)


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