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Speller's Sparks is an official waste carrier! (and who on earth is the WEEE Man? )

Updated: May 16, 2023

The environment in which we live is important to me, and I want to look after it as much as anyone and this is why Speller's Sparks LTD is now an official waste carrier - you can check my licence details here:

Waste Carriers Licence (Speller's Sparks)
Download PDF • 32KB

Any business registered in the UK must obtain a licence to carry waste! This is why you will see and find so many tradesmen and women charge to remove any waste from a job they complete. For an electrician, the main disposal regulation is the one we call WEEE (The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations)! If, for example, you wanted any tradesman or woman to dispose of your waste they would and should be using a registered waste disposal carrier, and this fee would be normally be passed on to you, the customer. Or, as an official waste carrier Speller's Sparks LTD must dispose of this waste responsibly, however there is a charge for this and it's dependent upon the type of waste - a storage heater would cost far more to dispose of than an extractor fan, for example!

Richard Speller (Electrician from Chilcompton) carrying his Waste Carriers Licence
Speller's Sparks Waste Carriers Licence

WEEE Regulations apply to anything that have a plug or needs batteries - there is over 2 million tonnes of WEEE waste every year and so the need to try and reuse and recycle this waste is an important obligation for any business.

CEF (City Electrical Factors) actually offer a free recycling service to their private customers... you can have a read of this here: - if you upgrade from old florescent tubes (which can contain a whole host of hazardous chemicals, including mercury) to newer and more efficient LED batten fittings CEF will recycle these old tubes responsibly for you (you must return the turns within 28 days however!).

To find out about the waste disposal service I can offer please let me know during the quoting stage of any job. If you would like to register your business you need visit the government website: and pay £154 (this is a lifetime fee if you're a lower tier waste carrier or renewed every 3 years if you're an upper tier).

If you would like any electrical service or job completed, no matter how small, please do get in touch with me via my website: or you can call Rich now on 01761 751 441 or WhatsApp me here on 01761 325 007!! I look forward to hearing from you!

So, this is the WEEE Man at the Eden Project ... so called because it is made of a lot of old discarded electronic equipment... you can visit him at the Eden Project in Cornwall, it was made to highlight the waste that is created from old electronic equipment and is quite an eye opener!!

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