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Speller's Sparks at his local sports ground in Chilcompton

Electrically Hardwired Smoke Alarms - Raising Awareness, from your Local Electrician!

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Testing and Inspecting electricians tools

Smoke Alarms

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Many homes have hard-wired smoke alarms installed in there homes... and many more have alarms that have passed their "sell-by" date! Yes, that's right! Smoke Alarms have a shelf life, and it's 10 years!! 

Your Local Electrician, Rich Speller from Speller's Sparks, is often called out to complete smaller jobs, on one occasion I was asked to fix and replace a faulty smoke alarm, however, after taking down the faulty one and looking for any issues it became apparent that not only did this one need replacing, but they all did! On every hard-wired electrical alarm you will see that there is a date, sometimes on the outside of the alarm (this is good as you don't need to remove them from the wall), but often they are on the underside of the alarm and in which case you will need to take it down and check. If you've not done this recently, and maybe never have, I'd recommend you stop reading this and do this NOW... while you're there check that they are functional by pressing the 'Test' button! Hardwired alarms should all sound together when the test but is pressed, this is because they are interconnected, just another great feature of Hard Wired Alarms. 

I like to install the Aico brand of alarms, this is the one you can see in the video, you can also get more info here in my BLOG. One great feature of these is that they don't have a 9V battery that needs replacing, as they have an internal battery that is charged from the mains. So, the advantage of this is? The advantage is if there was a power-cut the alarms would still sound! I think you'll agree that this is a great way to keep your family safe! 





Please feel free to enquire regarding any electrical work you require in your Local Area: Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Oakhill, Stoke St Michael, Shepton Mallet, Binegar and surrounding areas, this can include outside power and electrics, new sockets or Consumer Units to replace your old and not so safe units now. I will be happy to visit and discuss your needs and provide you with a free no obligation quote.   


If you would like to find out more simply click on the green "Request Booking​" button above to request a free, no obligation quote! You can also call Rich on 01761 325 007 or email 

Examples of electrical work done by your local electrician (NOT EXHAUSTIVE!): 

  • Electrical Services including lighting, both internal and external (including PIR lighting for additional security)

  • Installation of Smart Home Technology

  • Fault finding and repairing of circuits

  • Kitchen Lighting, both under cabinet lighting and downlighting (spot lights) - also offering advice on different lighting solutions and energy saving solutions

  • Additional sockets, both internal and external (both chased and trunking solutions offered)

  • Loft space lighting or socket additions 

  • Extractor fan installation and replacement 

  • Doorbells or Security Camera installation

  • Garden power to outbuildings and/or lighting, including pond pumps

  • Garage Lighting and Additional Sockets/Alteration to existing circuits  

Speller's Sparks Electrician Background - electricians tools are specifically designed to withstand high voltage and keep you safe!


Speller's Sparks LTD ("the professional, and local, electrical service with the personal touch"): 

I am your friendly, local electrician, serving your area - please see the Map on the Homepage… I install anything from extra lighting to garden electrics. If you have any questions please contact by clicking on the green "Request Booking" button for a free, no obligation, quote! Or, email Rich at! OR, call/WhatsApp Rich on 01761 325 007 or email Rich

Speller's Sparks LTD serves all surrounding areas, a radius of 10-15 miles of Chilcompton - watch my welcome video on my Home Page, which will introduce myself (Managing Director of Speller's Sparks) and show you the areas I work in (although I will travel further for the right customer and job). 

Follow the links below to see more information and get a little more personal with my local area, there is also some general information: 

Speller's Sparks electrical services - all certification will be provided and this is a snippet of an EIC
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Based in Chilcompton (BA3), Serving Midsomer Norton & Radstock

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