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Your local electrician - Rich Speller at Chilcompton Sports Ground

Speller's Sparks Electrical Services Road Map - Making Contact to a Job Well Done!

01761 325 007

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THE Speller’s Sparks Road Map! The 6 Steps: from the ‘Home Assessment’, to ‘Quote’ and then a ‘Job Well Done!’

Firstly, you simply need to make contact and there are multiple ways to connect to you Local Electrician - via my website or call Rich on 01761 325 007!



I firstly need to know how I can help you, and then need your personal details so I know where I can find you. Your details will always be safe with me and will NEVER be shared with third parties.


I will send you a link so that you can book in a “Home Assessment” (this, put simply, is the stage in which you explain what issues you may be having or any work you’d like completed


At the stage I will visit you and we can discuss the work you want done, you can ask me as many questions as you like - I want you to feel comfortable and sure that I am the right electrician for you!


You will receive your quote, if you have any questions at this stage please do ask them, you then get the option to Accept or Decline (if you decline it I will NEVER hold this against you) and I will then be in touch to arrange a time to complete the work for you.


Before I begin the job you’ll receive a few reminders via email of the booking date/time and also what you can expect on the day. For example, parts or all of the electrics in your home/premises will need to be off for a period of time, but I will of course keep you up to date. One final step will be for me to ensure that you are happy with the work, and if you wouldn't mind leaving me a review, as these are so important to local electricians such as myself

Speller's Sparks LTD serves all surrounding areas, a radius of 10-15 miles of Chilcompton - watch my welcome video on my Home Page, which will introduce myself (Managing Director of Speller's Sparks) and show you the areas I work in (although I will travel further for the right customer and job). 

Follow the links below to see more information and get a little more personal with my local area, there is also some general information: 

Electricians tools are rated to take upto 1000v making them safer than your average DIY'er tool


Speller's Sparks LTD ("the professional, and local, electrical service with the personal touch"): 

I am your friendly, local electrician, serving Binegar and surrounding areas… I install anything from extra lighting to garden electrics. If you have any questions please contact by clicking on the green "Request Booking" button for a free, no obligation, quote! Call Rich on 01761 325 007 or email Rich at!

This is an EIC certificate - something you will always recieve from your local electrician
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Based in Chilcompton (BA3), Serving Binegar (BA3)

Contact Email:
Contact Tel: 01761 325 007
Local Electrician Spellers Sparks Logo
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